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Please observe these rules when offering a vehicle registration for sale

1. When entering the number of the registration for sale, ensure it is correctly indicated with hyphens and capital letters. If this is not done, the advert may be modified by the moderators and corrected according to this rule, delaying the display of the advert.

2. Ensure you are the owner of the vehicle registration number being offered for sale. The number should be either on retention certificate or registered to a vehicle. If there are special circumstances, please indicate these in the "description" text of your advert.

3. Please be courteous with other users of the site when making contact. An offer made through this website or by subsequent contact does not necessarily constitute a commitment to buy. Likewise erroneous offers for vehicle registration number can be reported to our team via our contact page.

If the team feel that any of these rules have been broken, the user account may be suspended or deleted depending on the severity of the case. We hold no responsibility for the conduct of our users.