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Manx number plates were first issued by the Isle of Man Government on the 1st of January 1906 with the issue of MN-1. Since then residents of the island came to distinguish between visitor's and local vehicles, as registrations on the Isle of Man always include at least "MN" or "MAN" is their registrations. Manx registrations form part of the British system of registrations, meaning that plates in the Isle of Man do not have duplicates in Britain. Unlike British plates which use date identifiers, Manx number plates are issued purely sequentially, with no meaning behind the registrations with the exception of MN or MAN representing the Isle of Man. This relatively obscure fact sometimes leads to confusion when using a Manx registered vehicle on the mainland or further afield. Since their introduction, Manx number plates have become part of the character of the island, augmented by the island's status as a popular motorsport destination, with no national speed limit outside towns and villages.You can read more about the history of Manx number plates here.

Like the United Kingdom, however, number plates have gained the same stigma as a visual piece of identity, a status symbol, a piece of vehicle personalisation, and even a display of Manx patriotism (number plates manufactured on the island generally have the Manx Flag visible on them). Because of the relatively low population density of the island this has meant that short and memorable registrations have been freely available, however as the island's population has grown over the twentieth century, the market has become more saturated. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find that perfect Manx number plate and like cherished registrations in the UK, Manx number plates are now a sought after commodity.

This site offers a unique platform on which owners of Manx vehicle registrations can freely display their Manx registrations for sale. is quickly becoming a useful tool amongst those who, like the team, want to celebrate this branch of Manx identity.